Top 10 films that turn 10 years old this year

By Amanda Levine,

With the first month of the new year almost coming to an end, it is almost hard to believe 2014 is quickly passing by already. When thinking back, so many amazing movies have come out in the past decade that it is crazy to think that so many years have passed since their initial release into theaters. Within 10 years, there have been countless films that will forever be remembered by generations to come. Ten years ago may seem like a long while back but when looking at a list of films that are turning 10 years old this year, it feels like they were released only mere months ago. Especially with the Academy Awards airing in just a few weeks, although they will be honoring the best films from 2013, this top 10 list is all about honoring the best films that will turn 10 years old this year. Let us know if your favorite 10-year-old movie didn't make our list.

Image courtesy of INFGoff.com



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