Top 10 ‘Good Wife’ Shockers of the Season

By Lena Finkel,

As The Good Wife winds down its winter hiatus, it feels like nearly forever since we’ve seen our favorite characters go head-to-head in the courtroom! Can you believe it’s been nearly a month since Julianna Margulies and Josh Charles have graced us with their presence? This season has certainly had its fair share of drama, and now that Cary and Alicia have officially left to start their own firm, there have been more plot twists and backstabbing than ever before.

Image courtesy of Walter McBride/INFphoto.com

Will we ever see Alicia and Will kiss again? Will Lockhart/Gardner survive the shakeup they've been through? Will Florrick & Agos find more appropriate office space? Will Kalinda stay with Lockhart/Gardner or jump ship? Will Peter make a good governor? Can Alicia juggle being a managing partner of a law firm, a first lady and a mom? With the show returning tonight, here’s a look back at some of the biggest shockers of the season!



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