Top 10 jam bands with Black Crowes, Grateful Dead, Dave Mathews Band and Phish

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Jam bands have been around for decades. Every summer and fall fans from all across the world pack venues to hear their favorite live jam band. The fans dance and sing along to every single note. These jam bands have become a part of each individual concert attendee’s musical journey.

From bands like Dave Matthews Band to more recent jam bands such as Umphrey’s McGee, jam bands are heating up and becoming more popular with the rise in live concerts and artists going on tour.

These kinds of bands take on a unique energy, they often embrace a more free form when it comes to performing live and these bands often go beyond the typical three to four minute song time.

TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top 10 jam bands from the past to current chart toppers. With a whole new year of music coming, it is likely that fans will be packing more stadiums and outdoor venues in order to take part in live music that is unlike any other around.


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