Top 10 Jonah Hill 'SNL' Sketches

By Lauren Wheeler,
A ranking of the sketches

This was Jonah Hill’s third time hosting Saturday Night Live and there were ups and downs in his role as host. Between a horrible sketch with violent horses and an amazing sketch about clogging the toilet, it was a decent episode of the NBC show.

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Hill isn’t the best host that SNL has had this season, Jimmy Fallon takes that crown. He isn’t the worst either, Josh Hutcherson had that horrible episode a few weeks ago. But, Hill handled the material that was thrown at him like a pro, even when he had to get punched by a puppet horse or wear sunglasses on the back of his head.

We have to give Hill some credit where it is due. When he hosted previously, he endured an entire sketch of getting hit in the nuts. This episode was just another regular Hill routine. He is so great with any kind of comedy it makes me wish that he’d do more movies like 21 Jump Street and less like The Wolf of Wall Street.

I ranked Hill’s sketches from the worst to the best, excluding one. The sketch Sweetland Ranch isn’t even good enough to be included in the list. It was basically Cecily Strong and Hill getting beat up by a puppet horse. Because Cecily’s character sings a Joni Mitchell song, the sketch cannot be embedded. By missing it, you’re lucky. It was a garbage sketch.

Here is a ranking of Jonah Hill’s SNL sketches.

image: NBC

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