Top 10 Movie Heroes of 2013

By Brian Brown,

It was recently announced that this year's Oscars, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, will have a heroic theme. Heroes have been an essential part of not just cinema, but every kind of story telling since the beginning of time. Heroes like Robin Hood and King Arthur have transcended the written word or the silver screen to become irreversibly ingrained in the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Others have taught moviegoers lessons about the sins of killing a mockingbird, or simply to be excellent to each other.

2013 was a great year for heroes new and old. Several movie heroes got sequels and others were rebooted to kick off a new franchise. Some came from comic books and others from the annals of history. They fought with high tech gadgets and bows and arrows. From reformed villains to ancient deities and beyond, here are some of the best movie heroes of the past year.

Image courtesy of Lionsgate Publicity

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