Top 10 Neil Young with Crazy Horse songs

By Tina Henry,

Neil Young’s music has spanned a period of 45 years and has no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He has 35 studio albums under his belt and numerous live albums. His music has crossed many genres, including folk, country rock, big band blues, rock, electronic, grunge and others.

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One thing that has spanned over nearly as much time as Young’s music is his relationship with the band Crazy Horse. In 1969, Young recruited three members of the band The Rockets to accompany him on his second solo album, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. These musicians decided to call themselves Crazy Horse, and the album was billed as Neil Young with Crazy Horse. As of now, the band has accompanied Young on 11 studio albums and numerous live albums. According to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Young has described his association with Crazy Horse as “the essence of my musical life. This is the core, the smoldering thing I come back to over and over again....If I had never done anything else, the Crazy Horse stuff would just stand on its own.”

Young’s long-lived success is witnessed by his newest album Psychedelic Pill’s current Grammy nomination for Best Rock Album, on which Young is once again backed by Crazy Horse. Here are my choices for top 10 songs by Neil Young with Crazy Horse in celebration of this latest award nomination.



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