Top 10 Possession horror films

By Amanda Levine ,

The theme of demons and possessions has always been popular in the world of cinema. Just last week, the newest devil’s child movie came out, Devils Due, as well as the video that went viral online to promote the film that showed a devil baby riding around New York in a stroller. Yet somehow movie goers are still drawn to the thrill of a good scare.

Demonic and devilish possessions really never seem to be a theme that goes out of style amongst movie goers. Perhaps it is because of the theme’s other-worldly feeling of suspense and terror or even the religiously taboo feeling these films have.

These films offer audience members a bit of an escape from reality while still keeping a sense of "what if," since most of these stories claim to be based off true stories.

Although the horror genre ranges in styles from slasher to physiological thriller, the one that has remained constant is possession. In honor of this horror style, here is a top 10 list of the most terrifying demonic movies.

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