Top 10 Questions from 'Revenge' episode 'Hatred'

By Amanda Hoo,

A whole lot was revealed on this Sunday's episode of Revenge.

We are finally getting some clues about every characters #Revengenda. The claws were out and ready to fight as relationships and boundaries were pushed. This episode we saw Emily taking on her role as the new Mrs. Grayson, she was wiping out her checkbook, shopping, and serving up a nice cold dish of revenge to anyone who got in her way.

Little Danny boy who has been very anti-Grayson games is now playing the game, which is exciting to see him reach deep down and pull out the inner Grayson in him. While Jack is getting some true love and happiness FINALLY!

This episode, like all the others, still left us with more questions on how everyone #revengenda is going to play out. Here are the top 10 questions from week’s Revenge :

10. What does this mean for Voulez magazine?

Now that Conrad and Daniel are at war Marguax who is unwilling to be caught in the cross fires of the two accepts Conrad’s offer to buy Daniel out of Voulez magazine. So now that Daniel isn’t working at there anymore does this mean Conrad is going to use it or does he truly mean it when he said he doesn’t even care about the magazine and doesn’t plan on working there? With Conrad we are never too sure, all we learnt from that transaction was we don’t want to mess with Conrad.

9. Marguax and Jacks relationship, what is their future? Is there really no chance of Jack and Emily?

It’s nice to see Jack so genuinely happy with someone who seems truthful and real. We haven’t learnt much about Marguax in recent episodes only that she tried to hit on Daniel but was rejected and seems like a respectable French woman. She seems to know all the truths (well almost all the truth) about everyone but chooses not to get involved. In this episode Jack pretty much asked her to move in and that he loves her. So does this mean wedding bells in the future? More kids? Are they leaving the Hamptons? And is Jack going to leave Emily? With Marguax and Jack being together and about to live together is this closing the door on the Emily and Jack relationship we are all secretly rooting for?

8. Patrick and Nolan, what are they?

Now their relationship is nonexistent but they always have a way of rendezvousing back to each other, so if it happens soon we shouldn’t be surprised. We finally saw a piece of Nolan’s revenge plan for Patrick after Patrick clocked him in the head and stole the infinity box from Nolan. He gave Patrick a copy of a police report that opened the door to who Patrick was and where he actually came from.

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