Top 10 Questions from ‘Teen Wolf’ episode ‘More Bad Than Good’

By Amanda Hoo,

MTV surely knows how to keep audiences on the edge of their seats with their Monday night thriller and audience favorite, Teen Wolf. It always seems as though once we get a little information from this week's episode of Teen Wolf, at the end of the hour we find ourselves left with even more questions, which then causes us to scratch our heads and want to re-watch the episode. With new characters coming into play, new relationships starting, and everyone pretty much just losing their minds it’s surprising we haven’t lost our minds too!

Image courtesy of INFevents.com

The writers at Teen Wolf are surely throwing us an action packed season. To help keep everyone on track this season we rounded up the top 10 questions/scenes from Teen Wolf episode ‘More Good Than Bad’ while also refreshing you on some of the important information we have already learned – or some of the information we thought we knew but were obviously thrown for a doozy.

Photo Courtesy of MTV



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