Top 10 Shocking moments on 'American Horror Story: Coven'

By Julianne Ishler,

We're just a couple days away from reentering the land of badass witches, cat fights, and blood baths, and there is still so much left to uncover! For one, there is a massive war breaking out between the witches and the witch hunters, which we saw was literally a bloody mess last episode. Meanwhile, an internal war exists inside Miss Robichaux's Academy itself as the girls fight to prove who is the next Supreme!

If you're as die hard of a fan as me, your jaws are still dropped at the shocking deaths last episode. Between Queenie pointing a gun in her mouth to kill Cordelia's psycho witch-hunter husband Hank after he went on a shooting spree murdering all of Marie Laveau's coven, to Myrtle cutting out the eyes of her former Council members to grant her beloved Cordelia her eyesight back, to Patti LuPone suffocating her poor son with a pillow, after he learned the truth that his crazy mother killed his father, there were enough moments to throw me into shock mode - and torture me with waiting three weeks to find out what happens!

Much like the past two seasons, Coven has been extremely twisted and haunting. Though my list of shocking moments this season surely surpasses 10, here are the 10 most unforgettable moments as seen on Coven so far.

Image: Fox



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