Top 10 songs covered by the Everly Brothers

By Tina Henry,

You can never get too much of a good thing.

The Everly Brothers were one of those gifted duos whose songs will go on forever in our hearts and minds, and whose music continues to influence musicians today. But they also paid tribute to the musicians of and before their time for the influences that shaped their own music. The second album they released was called Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, on which they recorded traditional folk songs their dad, Ike Everly, a well known folk and country musician, had taught them when they were children. The brothers continued to cover songs that influenced their music throughout their career.

The Everly Brothers did not limit themselves to only one or two music genres. They played country, country-rock, folk, traditional, pop, and rock and roll mostly. But you might be surprised to see even other genres they delve into while listening to the following covers.



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