Top 10 TV Gal Pals

By Lauren Wheeler,
Best Friends Forever

There have always been powerful female friendships on television. Between Laverne and Shirley and Lucy and Ethel, TV has produced some of the best examples of strong friendships. On current TV shows, the trend of girl bffs continues and has become more fun.

When picking the best female friends on television, it is important to look at the friendship on a deeper level. These can't be casual friends that just hang out. The women on the list are practically family to their friends. There is no petty drama or meanness. It is only empowerment to each other. Well, there might be a little drama - they are women after all.

It was difficult finding just ten friendships on television. Because of the incredible amount, I chose to only pick friendships that are currently showing. While Friends' Rachel and Monica had a great friendship, they didn't make the list because the show is no longer on. And no bros made the list either. TV is very good at creating friendships in general. The healthy girl relationships are what I am pointing out.

In the spirit of chicks before dicks, TheCelebrityCafe.com has compiled a list of TV's current top bffs.


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