Top 8 worst results of the 2014 People's Choice Awards

By Amanda Ostuni,

Even though the Golden Globe Awards, airing Sunday, January 12, is considered the official kick off to the awards season of the entertainment industry, I wanted to reflect on what I consider the true start to the season: the People's Choice Awards, which aired Wednesday, January 8.

The slightly under-respected awards show is the one people really should care about most since it's the only show for which anyone and everyone can determine the categories and results. But it's also a good example, to compare it to democracy, of why your every day person can vote but shouldn't run the country: People don't always make good decisions, and the right people don't always get their voices heard. In terms of the People's Choice Awards, I am referring to the fact that some of the winning choices were absurd, annoying, and/or just plain wrong.

Here are the top worst results of the 2014 People's Choice Awards:



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