Top five Disney films that would make better musicals than 'Frozen'

By Amanda Levine,

Buzz over Disney CEO and chairman Bob Iger telling Fortune magazine that the highly popular animated film Frozen is in the works to become a Broadway musical has been circulating the Internet. Whether this musical will go straight to Broadway or just remain exclusively in the Disney theme parks is yet to be answered.

The movie itself featured well-known Broadway star Idina Menzel (Princess Elsa), who sang the film’s show stopping number, “Let It Go.” However, the soundtrack differed from most other films because famed Disney composer, Alan Menken, did not compose or write any of the songs for Frozen. Avid Disney fans are questioning whether or not Frozen is worthy enough to earn Broadway fame.

So what other Disney films would be better suited to be turned into a dazzling Broadway stage performance? Here is a list of top five magical Disney movies that would be better for stage:

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