Top five inspirational auditions from singing competition shows

By Chelsea Lewis ,

American Idol is set to return to television screens within the next few days. Idol has made superstars and even created some YouTube sensations when it comes to bad musicians who take center stage to audition.

Since Idol, the reality singing show competitions have multiplied all across the world. From The Voice, to America’s Got Talent and X Factor auditions can be heard and seen everywhere.

Once in a great moment someone takes the audition stage and blows the audience and the judges away. Underdog stories with incredible voices take over the stage and gain millions of views on YouTube. When fans saw Susan Boyle take the stage at first on Britain’s Got Talent, most laughed and thought it was a joke. Boyle stunned audiences and brought tears to the eyes of many when she sang, “I Dreamed A Dream.”

With reality singing shows coming back and auditions becoming even more popular, TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top five inspiration auditions from singing competitions.



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