Top social media reactions to Russell Johnson's death

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Following the passing of Johnson, fans and celebrities took to social media to express their feelings and support for his family

Actor Russell Johnson, who was best known for his role as Professor Roy Hinkley on Gilligan’s Island died at the age of 89. The actor died at home of natural causes.

Johnson played the role of the Professor on Gilligan’s Island and was often the mastermind behind schemes to get the castaways rescued, even though the plans almost seemed to be foiled by Gilligan. The actor did star in several roles following his time on the island but no role was as iconic as the Professor.

Johnson was often referred to as a classy, positive and nice guy according to his agent. The actor had many fans around the world.

Johnson had worked up until his death, even signing autographs for fans over the holidays. Celebrities and fans have been taking to a variety of social media outlets to express their condolences, memories and fondness for the beloved actor. The following is some of the outpouring of support that has been taking place on social media.

Tina Louise

Rick Springfield

Greg Berlanti

Jim O’Heir

Josh Elliot

Roger Corman

Erin Murphy

Norm Clarke

Steve Gasowski

Dawn Wells

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