Top ten best diets to try for 2014

By Hannah Gullickson,

These top 10 diet choices cater to anyone who wishes to live a healthier lifestyle, so everyone from the hard-core dieter to the weight-watcher to the vegetarian can find a diet that works for them.

With professionals from Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers, the Mayo Clinic and Biggest Loser, these diets claim to satisfy the dieter’s needs, whether it be weight loss or reduction of blood pressure. Most of these diets cater to weight loss and emphasize a choice of foods that give dieters more energy with fewer calories. Dieters can try a variety of diets, and even the vegetarians can indulge in a little meat with the Flexitarian diet.

But with whatever diet, the dieter will know what fits him or her best. Sometimes it’s okay to indulge in a little fat or sugar. Even the Ornish diet emphasizes variety. No matter the vegetable, meat or legume, the dieters can choose from any diet they please and enjoy whatever fits their palette. Voila!


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