Top Ten Willie Nelson Songs

By Zak Smith,

Willie Nelson has a wealth of great songs and recordings, this list is only going to be dealing with the ones that he wrote though. Willie’s songs are finely tuned and clearly from the country music school of precise language and form. He comes from a time before the Bob Dylan stream of consciousness, beat poetry influenced, mid to late 60s psychedelic songwriting shift.

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com

One of country music's best propositions is looking stone faced at the thing staring you down. Willie's style is a clear-eyed view of something, seen with a charming arrogance and grace. Musically he has a talent for coming up with hooks that are meaty and high hung. Almost Elvis-style hooks that you can really sink your teeth into. He’s got that needle point voice too, not sharp, but incredibly centered and focused.

Over time his writing output slowed considerably, but part of his defiance has always been a kind of laziness. The laziness of the common working outlaw. Here are his ten greatest song writing moments.



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