Trailer Park - 1/17 Edition: ‘Devil’s Due,’ ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,' ’Ride Along’ and ‘Nut Job’ join the battle at the box office

By Michelle Vaccaro,

Prison is the setting for two inspiring true stories hitting theaters this week while a new thriller and comedy focus on the right side of the law. Another new release brings the devil to life.

A young newlywed couple’s joy becomes horror in Devil’s Due. As they prepare for the birth of their child, the pregnant mother suffers from some strange symptoms with evil outcomes. The horror film runs for one hour and twenty-nine minutes. It’s rated R for language and bloody images.

Author Tom Clancy’s popular character is hitting the big screen with Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. In the action-packed thriller, a Wall Street executive secretly lives a double life as a CIA agent who goes on a mission to halt a terrorist plot in Russia. The PG-13 film stars Chris Pine, Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner and Kenneth Branagh. It’s running for one hour and forty-six minutes in 2D and IMAX theaters.

A high school security guard tries to make nice with his girlfriend’s brother in Ride Along. In order to allow him to marry his sister, James makes his future brother-in-law, Ben, join him at work as he patrols the Atlanta streets. The night becomes quite an adventure for the cop and his new trainee. Ice Cube and Kevin Hart star in the PG-13 film. The comedy plays for one hour and forty minutes.

A squirrel, forced to leave the park and live in the city, searches for food in The Nut Job. To try and woo the squirrel community to let him back into the park, he hatches a plan to nab a ton of nuts that will feed them through the winter. He discovers that his idea to rob a nut store isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The PG, animated film features the voices of Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser, Liam Neeson, Katherine Heigl and Jeff Dunham. The family comedy plays for one hour and twenty-five minutes.

A man, who set out to escape his hometown, returns for his high school reunion in Back in the Day. Looking to relive his past, he teams up with his friends for childish antics and tries to reconnect with a lost love. The limited release comedy stars Michael Rosenbaum, Morena Baccarin, Nick Swardson and Harland Williams. The one hour and thirty-three minute film is rated R for language.

A man seeks revenge for the death of his daughter in Big Bad Wolves. He teams up with a crooked cop to torture the man who he believes murdered his child. The unrated crime thriller runs for one hour and fifty minutes. It’s available in limited theaters.

A teen becomes popular after word goes around school that he’s gay in G.B.F.. What he was scared to say ends up being the thing that makes him a hot commodity. All of the teen girls flock to him so he can be their “Gay Best Friend.” The one hour and thirty-two minute comedy is playing in limited theaters. It’s rated R for sex.

A troubled teen gets mixed up in with a street gang and ends up in jail in Jamesy Boy. While in prison, he befriends a murderer who helps him see a different, brighter side of life. The unlikely story is based on true events. The unrated drama is playing in limited theaters for one hour and forty-eight minutes.

An ex-con tries to keep young people from going down the same path he did in Life of a King. During his 18 years in prison for a bank robbery, Eugene Brown learned the game of chess and now shares the lessons he learned with inner city kids through his Big Chair Chess Club. The one hour and forty-one minute drama is based on a true story. The PG film stars Cuba Gooding Jr. and is available in limited theaters.

A man involved in a hit and run becomes an attorney in the case in Reasonable Doubt. Feeling guilty for his actions, he looks to get the man charged with the crime acquitted. He soon finds out that the man he thought was innocent is actually to blame. Dominic Cooper, Samuel L. Jackson and Gloria Reuben star in the one hour and thirty-one minute thriller. The unrated film is available in limited theaters.

A friendship is torn apart when a woman gets in the way in Summer in February. In the unrated, romantic drama, an aristocrat marries a Bohemian artist and then falls for his blue collar friend. The unrated film stars Dominic Cooper, Dan Stevens, and Emily Browning. It’s playing in limited theaters for one hour and forty-one minutes.

The true story of a young girl alone at sea is told in Maidentrip. The one hour and twenty-two minute film follows 14-year-old Laura Dekker as she sets out into the open ocean for a trip around the world. Her nautical adventure was nearly halted by Dutch authorities who felt that she was too young to travel solo. The unrated film is available in limited theaters.

Families struggle with knowing that their young sons were switched at birth in Like Father, Like Son. The boys were brought up in completely different households, one from a wealthy family and the other from a poor, but loving household. After finding out the truth about their sons, the parents’ emotions run high as they decide whether they’d rather be with their biological son or the one they raised. The unrated Japanese drama is subtitled in English. The limited released film runs for two hours.

The lives of five friends in Germany are torn apart by the war in Generation War. The group, who was once happy with hopes for the future, ends up at odds with each other and on opposite sides of the battlefield. The unrated German drama is subtitled in English. It’s running in limited theaters for four hours and thirty-nine minutes.

The birth of Satan brings horror in this week’s Devil’s Due. Next week, demons and evil gargoyles are the ones causing a scare in I, Frankenstein.

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