Trailer Weekly: 'The Bag Man'

By Matt Dworman,

What’s in the bag? That is the question in the new trailer for the movie The Bag Man.

This crime thriller follows Jack, played by John Cusack, who is hired by infamous crime boss Dragna, portrayed by Robert De Niro, to hold a bag and wait for Dragna to pick it up. The only rule is that Jack must not look in the bag. Jack takes the bag and holds up in a run-down motel. Although, Jack is not the only person staying in this motel. There are a variety of shady characters hovering around Jack’s room. One of these characters is Rivka, a prostitute dressed as a superhero, who gets involved with Jack and his bag situation. Throughout the movie the bag seems to be important to many other characters and it becomes more imperative to find out just what is in this bag.

The film is inspired by the story The Cat written by Marie-Louise Von Franz. The film is directed by David Grovic. The Bag Man is scheduled to be released in theaters and on iTunes February 28.

Check out the trailer below:



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