Trailer Weekly: 'Veronica Mars,' 'Neighbors' & '22 Jump Street' all look to make moviegoers think and laugh

By Sari N. Kent,

This edition of Trailer Weekly covers about two iconic television shows brought to the silver screen and an uproarious physical comedy sure to garner itself its own cult following after its release.

Veronica Mars is the feature film adaptation of the popular CW television series of the same name. Following its cancellation in 2007, fans and the show’s executive producers expressed interest in adapting the series for a motion picture. It has taken hard work and a lot of fundraising, but fans of the show will soon be able to see their favorite high school private detective on the big screen.

Neighbors looks to be yet another hilarious comedy about people stuck in a situation no one would want to be in, a couple with a baby living next to a fraternity house! Doesn’t that just scream laughter abounds?

Finally, 22 Jump Street is the sequel to the hit film adaptation of the wildly popular late 80s-early 90s crime drama. This time around, the boys go undercover at a local college and the same hysterical antics that made the first film a smash are sure to pop up in the sequel with even more physicality.



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