Troopers rescue stranded students, helicopters search for stranded drivers

By Michelle Kapusta,

A snowstorm that hit the Deep South on Tuesday caused some major problems for students and motorists.

According to Associated Press, helicopters and ground crews searched Wednesday for any stranded motorists who were still stuck on highways after the winter storm.

The snowstorm crippled the South and forced students to spend the night on buses or at their schools and commuters to abandon or sleep in their cars.

The Atlanta Journal has reported that state troopers had to rescue hundreds of students who became trapped after schools let out early Tuesday and parents could not navigate the slippery roads to pick them up.

This year, the usually balmy south has been dealing with snow and frigid temperatures, just like its northern neighbors. The problem is the lower region is not equipped or used to the snow, which can wreak havoc and cause gridlock on its roadways.

Accidents were reported in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

Other parts of the South that got hammered by the storm were Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Each state got several inches of snow.



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