Two former Boy Scout leaders charged for toppling ancient rock

By Ian O'Brien,

Two former Boy Scout leaders from Utah were charged for toppling an ancient rock formation in October at Goblin Valley State Park.

A video was filmed by David Benjamin Hall, one of the former leaders, according to The Associated Press. He was formally charged with aiding criminal mischief for filming the video. This qualifies as a third-degree felony. He recorded a video of Glen Taylor, the other suspect, pushing the giant rock from its perch while laughing and joking during a Boy Scout trip.

Taylor has also been formally charged for a third-degree felony of criminal mischief on Friday. Taylor and Hall claimed that the rock posed a threat to their troop because it might have been ready to fall and kill a visitor.

However, they were laughing for much of the video, and their tone provoked so much public backlash that they received death threats and hate mail, according to KSL.

The two men have been stripped of their leadership by the Boy Scouts of America and are scheduled to go on trial on March 18. They are facing up to five years in prison with fines up to $5,000 if they are convicted.



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