U.S. obtains ‘proof of life’ video showing missing soldier Bowe Bergdahl

By Daniel S Levine,

U.S. officials say they have obtained a ‘proof of life’ video showing missing Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the only American prisoner of war in Afghanistan. He has been missing since 2009.

An official told CNN that the video shows Bergdahl in frail health, clearly showing signs of being a captive for five years. It is believed that he is being held in Pakistan by the Haqqani network, which has been linked to the Taliban. He was captured while serving in Afghanistan in June 2009.

According to NBC News, his captors have released videos of him, but this is the first video in three years. Officials say that it confirms that he is alive, as it references the recent death of Nelson Mandela.

“We hope Bowe’s captors will again consider his parents’ plea to release him, but in the meantime, we ask that you please continue to keep him in good health and allow him to keep corresponding with us,” Bergdahl’s family said Wednesday.

The Pentagon also released a statement confirming the video, although a spokesman added, “We cannot discuss all the details of our efforts, but there should be no doubt that on a daily basis -- using our military, intelligence and diplomatic tools -- we work to see Sgt. Bergdahl returned home safely.”

Bergdahl was 23 when he was reported missing and is from Wood Valley, Idaho. His family did receive a letter from him sent by the Haqqani network through the Red Cross. The U.S. government last said it was in talks with the Taliban about his release in May 2012, notes CNN.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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