Vanessa Hudgens jogs in pro-marijuana crop top resembling with Disney-inspired logo

By Alyssa Jean,

Vanessa Hudgens stepped out early on Thursday to go for a jog through parts of Los Angeles. However, the former Disney starlet donned a rather edgy shirt, sporting a white crop top with what looks pro-marijuana logo modeled after the famous Disney logo.

According to E! News, Hudgens went for a run through Runyon Canyon with a shirt that had an eerily familiar “D” that resembled the one of Disney’s logo, but instead spelled out the word “Dank." The "A" was replaced with a marijuana leaf.

Hudgens has been fully supportive of Disney and said only positive things when regarding the corporation. The Daily Mail reported that although the top may be controversial, Hudgens seems to be leading a rather healthy lifestyle. The High School Musical star was seen leaving a gym shortly after.

Hudgens shed her wholesome roles for the independent film Spring Breakers, which was released last year. However, Hudgens accepted another racy role in her newest film Gimme Shelter in which she plays a homeless pregnant teenager.

Hudgens elaborated on the project, “It was really scary for me to be out there on my own. I didn't have any family with me. It really made me get into that mindset and be able to just become one of the girls and in their same circumstance."

The new film came out last week.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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