Violent protests continue in Ukraine capital

By Kyle Johnson,

Kiev, Ukraine has struggled with anti-government protesters and the violent protests have continued despite leaders calling for a semblance of peace.

Though the protesters have been tossing pieces of pavements and incendiary weapons towards riot police, the violence has mostly been contained to a square outside of the country's cabinet of ministers, reports BBC News. There have been clashes elsewhere, but with a lot less ferocity.

Though currently isolated primarily to the Independence Square, the fight could spread if the government makes good on threats of a police crackdown.
The protests began after President Yanukovych decided to halt talks with the European Union a couple months ago. The stalled talks were over a trade and political treaty.

According to CNN, the government also passed a law that aimed to limit protests, but that only angered the opposition more. The law goes into effect on Wednesday. The law requires protestors to have police permission before setting up certain equipment or traveling in convoys larger than five vehicles. Riot police also are now allowed to use firearms.

Since Sunday, 119 police officers have suffered injuries. Thirty anti-government protesters have been detained during the same time span.

Russian Foreign Minister Srgey Lavrov commented on Tuesday that both sides need to talk. "There are problems, attacks on the police, Molotov cocktails. This is beastly. It is an absolute violation of all European standards."

image: Wikimedia Commons



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