'The Walking Dead's' best moments of Season 4

By Matthew Dagen,

With just over a week to go until the return of The Walking Dead, I myself couldn't be happier that the group is back out on the road. Things seemed to be going too well for Rick and the gang at the prison, so, naturally, it was time to shake things up. The first half of season four started off a little slow, and the build up for the next few episodes could have gone at a quicker pace as well, but once we got to the payoff in the mid-season finale, everything was worth it. Let's look back at some of the best moments from the first half of season four of The Walking Dead:

Rick & Clara - The Three Questions

Rick goes out into the forest, solo, to gather some supplies and runs across a woman who appears to have been living out in the wilderness for some time. She begs Rick to take her and her husband in, and Rick says he will, but only to be questioned. Back at this woman's camp, Rick realizes that he's meant to be food for the woman's walker husband. She attacks Rick, fails, and then turns the knife on herself. As she dies, she asks Rick what the questions would have been. "How many walkers have you killed?…How many people have you killed?…Why?"

image: AMC



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