Warren Moon scammed out of $200,000

By Laura Hundemer,

Former NFL star Warren Moon was recently scammed out of $200,000. Moon was offered four Miami Heat floor tickets as well as a small percentage of ownership in the team, but was never given either.

George French Jones approached Moon about the offer; Moon accepted and upheld his part of the deal. According to MyFoxLA, Moon's agent wired $200,000 for the tickets to an account at Academy bank in Pasadena, but Moon never received the tickets.

Part of the money was to serve as a down payment for 5 percent ownership in the team. Shortly after the money was deposited, Jones went missing.

According to Complex Sports, Moon filed a lawsuit against Jones and contacted the FBI and the NBA to inform them of the scam. Jones is currently still missing.

As sports celebrities are often approached about investment opportunities, this deal must have seemed legitimate for Moon. Hopefully the player turned Seattle Seahawks broadcaster has learned a very valuable lesson.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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