This Week in Apps: Flappy Bird, Beats Music, and GrubHub take over the app store

By Francisco Flores,

Flappy Bird

If you have been recently frustrated to the point of yelling due to Flappy Bird, you are not alone. The extremely annoying game is almost impossible for players to pass the first obstacle, let alone reach a milestone score.

Currently the number one app in the iTunes App Store has attracted, and frustrated, many users who seem to be enjoying their misery.

To score points, players must tap the screen to make a bird fly while simultaneously trying to make it go through an opening between two vertical pipes. If the bird touches the pipes, the game ends. Seems simple enough but most users find even the first opening impossible to pass.

Beats Music

Ready for a new music app? Beats, the headphone company created by Dr. Dre, recently released their Beats Music app. Users are able to create their own music stations based on a series of questions. They pick and choose which artists and genres they like and don’t like, and a playlist is created based off their decisions.

Its design is very modern and mimics the style of headphones that are currently the biggest trend among music lovers. Though the idea of another radio/music station does not sound promising, Beats Music lets users find music that will echo their emotions, surroundings and interests while giving them interactive options in the app.

One downfall for this app is that it is a paid app. It offers a 7-day free trial, but then rises to $9.99 a month or $119.99 a year for unlimited music plays. AT&T Wireless users are able to run an extra 3-month trial before deciding if they want to keep the service or not, but the deal ends Wednesday, so hop on it!


If you’ve ever been just too lazy to go grab some takeout, GrubHub fixes that problem by finding restaurants around you that deliver! As if that couldn’t get any better, it also lets you use a filter to find exactly what kind of food you are looking for. It even goes as far as saving your previous orders in case you want to get the same thing at a later date.

The App also offers restaurant reviews and estimated delivery times based on your location. gH has been around since 2004, but it recently teamed up with Foursquare to allow Fourquare users to order food, from restaurants GrubHub discovers, through their Foursquare page. Talk about innovative!

Images: iTunes



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