Westminster dog show to admit 3 new breeds, new competition

By Michelle Kapusta,

The most prestigious dog show is shaking things up this year, welcoming new and mixed-breeds to join in an added competition.

According to the Associated Press, the mixed breeds, such as Labradoodles and puggles, will not be able to compete for the Best in Show title, but will be able to compete in the show’s new agility trial.

The three new breeds joining this year’s show are the Chinook, the Portuguese podengo pequeno and the rat terrier.

On its website, the Westminster Kennel Club states that the Mixed Breed category is significant because it will mark the first time, since the earliest days of the show, that non-purebred dogs will be welcomed to the Westminster event.

Of course, the standard is set. Only dogs competing at “Excellent and Master levels” will be admitted into the agility trial.

The 1st Annual Masters Agility Championship at Westminster is on Feb. 8. And the elite 138th Annual Westminster Dog Show will run from Feb. 10-11.



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