Wizarding World of Harry Potter to undergo extension at Universal Studios Orlando

By Alyssa Jean,

Based on the fantastic book series by J.K Rowling,The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has enthralled fans and admirers alike into the magical realm of the wizarding world and is about to bring that magic to an entirely new reality. Universal Studios in Orlando Florida is going to extend the wizarding world even further.

Visitors world-wide flock to the magical Wizarding World of Harry Potter, located in the Islands of Adventure park at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, to see scenes from the beloved books and their movies. The park currently includes the quaint yet bustling village of Hogsmeade, adjacent to a life-size replica of the famous Hogwarts castle. However, according to Theme Park Insider, the thriving Universal Studios will undergo major construction to add another important location from the Harry Potter series.

Diagon Alley will be built into the park and will feature all new coasters, thrill rides and all of the renowned dwellings that can be seen in the various films. London will also be replicated in the new build and according to OI Universal Center, park-goers will be able to travel to and from the different parts of Hogsmeade and London throughout the park by riding the actual Hogwarts Express train from platform 9 ¾. Warner Bros. has been working tirelessly with Universal officials in order to make the park feel as if visitors are literally stepping inside of the film.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter already includes tours of the Hogwarts castle, an animated thrill ride, multiple coasters and of course, the shops that reside in happy Hogsmeade. The construction of the park was announced in May of 2013 and is scheduled to re-open the summer of 2014. The seven part book series gained even greater success after the novels were turned into major motion pictures.

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