Woman abducted by own mother as a baby plans to stand by her in court

By Rebecca Walezak,

When Samantha Geldenhuys was 20, she learned that the woman who raised her, her mother, had kidnapped her while she was a baby and had been running from the police ever since.

Dorothy Barnett, who is Geldenhuys' biological mother, lost her custody battle in South Carolina back in 1994. Not long after, Barnett snatched her daughter and traveled across four continents, reports Yahoo.

The story quickly became big news in the United States. In November 2013, the two were finally found in Australia, where Barnett was arrested. Since then, Geldenhuys has remained silent on the matter and just recently spoke out in defense of her mother, stating that she was always loved by her.

Geldenhuys has made contact with her father by email, but she has stated that she will not meet him in person until he stops pursuing Barnett, the Daily Telegraph reports. She also maintains that she will continue to go by Samantha and not Savanna.

Barnett is currently awaiting her hearing and could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.



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