Woman creates Twitter account to help solve the murder of her brother

By Morgan Cox,

Bill Comeans was murdered 34 years ago in West Columbus, Ohio at the age of 14. In a chilling movement to spark interest in the murder case, his sister, Kathleen Comeans, has created a Twitter account to help solve the long awaited mystery.

According to 10TV, Bill died on Jan. 7, 1980 near his home.

His sister, Kathleen, says she can still remember the night they found out. Her brother was strangled with his own scarf just a block away from their home.

Some of the tweets are normal tweets, as if they were from Bill himself, while others are a bit heartbreaking.

Katherine has also put together a tribute towards her brother, which she then posted on YouTube.

The family hopes taking to social media will help trigger a new interest in the story and bring answers. They are very hopeful that the murderer will finally come forward after waiting 34 years for an answer.



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