Wong Kar Wai says shortened version of 'The Grandmaster' not watered down

By Marcina Zaccaria,

Filmmakers of The Grandmaster insist that the 108 minute version of the movie is no less profound than the longer version.

Director Wong Kar Wai and cinematographer Philippe Le Sourd explained at a Q&A following the screening of the film at the New Beverly Cinema on Dec. 5, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Wong said, "We have an obligation to give the picture [to The Weinstein Company for US release] within two hours, so we have to create a shorter version, but I don't want to do a watered-down version."

Though Grandmaster was shortened down to 108 minutes from 130, Wong said the reduction allowed him to get creative. The U.S. version offers scenes not offered in the China version.

The movie celebrating Bruce Lee’s teacher Ip Man is Wong’s top-grossing film in China, earning him over $50 million worldwide, reports Variety. The film offers a loose personal history of one of kung fu’s great wise men, and follows a number of different fighters.

The Grandmaster is shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. The Academy Awards will be held on Mar. 2 at the Dolby Theater.

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