Yahoo will drop 'OMG!' from online platforms

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The Internet company, Yahoo is currently undergoing some major staffing changes and rebranding. The company has now announced that with the rebranding, CBS Television Distribution will be changing the name of their syndicated entertainment show back to The Insider and will be dropping 'OMG!' from their online platforms. The name changes will take effect on Monday.

Variety reported that the site will now be promoted under the name "Yahoo Celebrity" in an apparent ploy to widen their core audience.

Yahoo omg! website had 32.4 million monthly visitors in November 2013, that was a decrease from 36.2 million viewers back in June. Even though this is a decrease, the site has regular traffic and often beats Gawker Media, Disney Online and Condé Nast Digital.

This name drop is a part of the new redesign that Yahoo has been focusing on. These changes come off of the recent hire of CEO, Marissa Mayer.

Yahoo's new CEO, Marissa Mayer, has been making headlines for her style and drastic changes to the company. Mayer recently made headlines for adding style to the company, reported NBC.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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