Young veterans show an increase in suicide rates

By Amanda Stewart,

According to data released by the Department of Veterans Affairs, young veterans that are receiving government health insurance have been three times as likely to commit suicide as active-duty troops in the recent years.

USA Today reports that VA officials have been alarmed by the amount of suicides committed by these young vets. The data shows severe personal issues that are driving towards these tragic deaths.

Male veterans under 30 showed a 44 percent increase in suicide, while female vets showed an 11 percent increase within the same time frame.

"The rates ... are honestly alarming. This group of young veterans appears to be in some trouble," says Janet Kemp, head of the suicide prevention program. The Army has struggled with the most active-duty suicides during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and it seems that the dangers of this do not lessen when the soldiers return home. Their rates are astronomically high and climbing,” said Kemp. “That’s concerning to us.”

According to Stars and Stripes the reason for the climb in suicide is unclear, however, Kemp does say that post traumatic stress disorder as well as leaving a military job and readjusting are all factors.

The report also shows that the national suicide rate has been steadily increasing, making this not only a problem for veterans, but a national concern.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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