10 dead in South Korean roof collapse

By Victoria Greene,

Ten people in South Korea have died following the collapse of the roof during the welcoming ceremony for university freshmen.

According to The Associated Press, 560 students from Busan University of Foreign Studies were scheduled to attend freshman orientation at the Manua Ocean Resort in Gyeongju. It has been reported that all of the students were in the auditorium of the resort when the roof collapsed.

At the current time, the death toll is 10 and dozens of people may be trapped. Amongst the deceased are nine students and one adult.

Because of recent snowfall in the area, rescue efforts have been hindered. Officials also believe that the cause of the roof’s collapse can be attributed to heavy snowfall that has fallen in the past week, however, the exact cause of the incident is still being investigated.

Over 1,400 rescuers and volunteers worked throughout the night to clear the debris and snowfall to reach the victims, according to The Guardian.

Gyeongju is a popular, historic city in South Korea, which tourists often flock too.



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