10-year-old-boy drives off in family vehicle for the second time in two weeks

By Morgan Cox,

Just last week, a 10 year old Norwegian boy decided to take his parents' car for a quick spin. He claimed to be a dwarf who had forgotten his driver's license.

According to Independent, the young boy has struck again by taking the vehicle of a relative the family was visiting.

As soon as the parents of the boy realized he was gone with the vehicle, they notified the authorities. Messages were sent out via social media as well as the radio asking for help. A bystander was able to get the keys away from the 10 year old after he stopped the car.

"Nobody was injured, but that was more due to luck than anything else. The adults around the boy must take responsibility now before a tragedy occurs," said Baard Christiansen of the Vest Oppland police.

The boy managed to drive 30 km (19 miles) before he stopped the vehicle. Last week, he only managed driving 10 km before driving into a snow filled ditch after loading his 18 month old sister into the car.

"It is scary and very sad that he is allowed to keep going on like this," said Christiansen.

Reuters noted that the case has been closed, but officials have notified child services about the family and the recent occurrences.



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