'2 Broke Girls' Recap: 'And the ATM'

By May Chan,
An ATM machine at the diner dispenses some joy.

An excited Han cuts the ribbon to celebrate the presence of an ATM at the diner. Small jokes about Han's height aside, the employees are happy. Even Sophie shows up to do some banking.

Afterwards, Caroline helps Max out by breaking into Deke's dumpster, so that Caroline can hand Max the key to the dumpster. Supposedly, Max is up for parole for sneaking into a dumpster; hence, she had asked Caroline to break in for her.

When Caroline and Max are inside the dumpster, Max retrieves her toothbrush and her gnome (Max collects gnomes). Caroline points out that it's Max's favorite gnome, Gnomosexual, but Max corrects Caroline that her favorite gnome is Gnome More Drama, and he's not here because he doesn't like drama. Go figure.

As the ladies part the dumpster, they bump into Deke. Max and Deke rehash the issue that Deke lied to Max about being rich.

When Max and Deke make reference to Rich Uncle Pennybags, Caroline is clueless until Max and Deke in unison tell Caroline it's the character from Monopoly.

Caroline tells them that they're perfect for each other, and Deke agrees.

Yet, Deke catches on to Max's desire to break up with him. Max denies wanting to do so and even tells Deke that she will see him later for sex and what not.

As Caroline and Max turn the corner of the dumpster, Max mutters to Caroline that that break-up was brutal.

During Max's shift at the diner, Deke shows up dressed as Rich Uncle Pennybags. Deke, overacting the part, tries to win Max over, but Max insists that they could still be friends. They could still be pastry school partners. They could still continue their plans of TP'ing Han's house on the 14th.

Deke still pleads for Max to reconsider their relationship.

“From now on, I'm like welfare. You have to be broke to get some,” says Max, gesturing at her body and walking away.

Returning from work, Caroline begs Max to rethink about her relationship with Deke and even pushes Max to sleep on the situation. Little does Max know that Deke awaits for her in her bedroom naked.

Max inquires Deke on how he got the key to her apartment. Deke had asked Caroline for help in exchange for a pair of heels.

Caroline reveals to Deke that Max has low self-esteem to which Max states she has no self-esteem. Max tries to use a bad religious analogy for her and Deke, but she ends up comparing herself and Deke to a witch and a Smurf instead.

Even though Max tells Caroline she has to return the heels, Caroline refuses.

Over at the diner, Max withdraws money only to realize that her account balance has one too many zeroes. Is it a mistake?

Still clutching a roll of toilet paper, Oleg runs from the restroom to check on his balance from the ATM machine. He realizes that his account has remained the same. Frozen.

As Earl hands over a note from Deke, he says he forgot to give that note to Max. When Max reads the note from Deke, she finds out that Deke has given her a million dollars.

Has Max officially become a Smurfette to Deke's Smurf?

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