26 percent of Americans go to work sick, new survey says

By Amanda Stewart,

A new survey has shown that 26 percent of Americans go to work when they are sick because of the lack of paid sick leaves and work overload.

The survey was conducted via telephone and consisted of 1,003 adults, all over the age of 18, 502 of which were men.

The survey, conducted by NSF International, a public health company, showed that 26 percent of Americans admitted to attending work even when they were sick. It also showed that 33 percent wait until the symptoms of their illness are too bad to ignore before they take off from work, according to Headlines and Global News.

Forty-two percent of Americans say that they attended work while sick because of strict deadlines they had to meet while 37 percent say that they attended sick because of the absence of paid sick leaves in their work place.

And the numbers continue...25 percent say that they attend work when they are sick because their boss expects them to attend no matter what. Men are more likely to attend work sick than women by 16 percent and 13 percent of Americans came in because they felt their coworkers would not be able to get the job done in their absence.

Even more surprising is that Americans do not resent their sick coworkers. In fact, they would most likely describe them as hard workers, according to Tech Times.

Sixty-seven percent of Americans consider their sick coworker a dedicated, hard-working person, while only 16 percent considered those coming to work sick as selfish.

We all know that we should stay home when we’re sick, but if time and money don’t allow it, off to work we go. The NSF reminds people that we should be taking daily vitamins as well as disinfecting common areas and areas that will be easy to spread illness.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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