2/8 Trailer Weekly: 'Ernest & Celestine,' 'Under the Skin' and 'Breathe In' all will bring diverse movie genres to theaters

By Sari N. Kent,

This week’s movie trailer column is filled with an animated dramedy, horror and a coming-of-age movie. Ernest & Celestine tells the animated story of an odd friendship that comes about between a bear and a small mouse. Under the Skin is a horror flick that has an alien preying on hitchhikers in Scotland and Breathe In is the tale of a foreign exchange student, who comes to the U.S. and changes the lives of her host family. All three movies have unique plots that will no doubt draw moviegoers in.

The trailer for Ernest & Celestine, which is rated PG, shows the improbable camaraderie that develops between Ernest the bear and Celestine the mouse. After convincing Ernest not to eat her, the trailer portrays Celestine showing Ernest how to have fun, exercise, etc. Yet, their newfound alliance doesn’t sit well with Celestine’s family, who is still terrified of Ernest because he’s a bear. The movie expresses a bevy of dramatic emotions that aren’t usual for an animated feature. In addition, the animation isn’t as sophisticated as the usual high-end, colorful animation that moviegoers have become accustomed to and looks more like simple drawings, which might make moviegoers care about the characters more. It opens in theaters on Friday, February 28.



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