44 year old fetus found inside 84 year old Brazilian woman

By Amanda Stewart,

An 84-year-old Brazilian woman was admitted to the hospital with stomach pains and doctors found a 44-year-old fetus inside of her.

The woman, according to Health Newsline, was pregnant over 40 years ago, but her baby stopped moving and her stomach stopped growing. She believed that she had miscarried.

Last Friday, when the woman was admitted for stomach pains, doctors X-rayed her stomach and found a 44-year-old “stone baby” there. The baby had calcified inside of her.

The result of a baby calcifying in a woman’s body like this is called “lithopedion,” according to Opposing Views.

The baby is believed to have died between 20 and 28 weeks, but the face, bones, legs, ribs and spine were all covered in calcium deposits.

A similar case was reported in December when an 82-year-old Colombian woman discovered a 40 year old fetus in her body. She opted to have a surgery to remove the unborn fetus.

The Brazilian woman, however, has decided not to have surgery to remove the dead fetus. After all, she has lived with it for decades.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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