50 bags of heroin recovered in Philip Seymour Hoffman's West Village apartment

By Gina DiFalco,

Following news of the tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, more devastating details have come to light. The Oscar-winning actor was so far deep into his addiction that 50 bags of heroin were recovered in his West Village, NYC apartment.

Both full and empty bags were discovered in his home on Monday, along with a spoon he used to aid in his drug use. The Master star, 46, was reportedly found with a needle in his arm.

Hoffman did take steps to kick his drug habit throughout the years, with his latest rehab stint being in May 2013.

New York Daily News reports the prescription drug buprenorphine was found in his apartment, which is used to wean heroin users off the dangerous drug.

Buprenorphine wasn’t the only prescription drug found, as Vyvanse, Methocarbamol, Hydroxyzine and Clonidine were also found.

According to TMZ, he was seen at a Georgia bar just three days before he died next door to the Hyatt in downtown Atlanta.

One of his neighbors who saw him on Saturday noted, “He looked like he had just come from California or Florida, he was looking really good.”

image: image.net/2010 Getty Images



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