Action Bronson lights up joint on stage in Portland

By Amy Michura,

On Feb. 3, Queens rapper, Action Bronson seemed to have a little trouble with security during his show in Portland after he lit up a joint while on stage.

According to Oregon Live it was caught on video that Bronson ended his Portland show by lighting up what seems to be a joint. Marijuana still isn’t legal in the city.

When a security guard makes an attempt to direct Bronson off of the stage, he tossed the object into the crowd. Then the rapper pulled a second and lit it. The security guard then put his hands around Bronson’s neck after knocking away the joint.

Bronson defended himself by shoving the security guard twice and knocking him down the ground.

This would not be Action Bronson’s first antics on stage with marijuana. Last year, Bronson had a gig at Coachella, Radio.com notes, in which he celebrated 4/20 by tossing out what appeared to be prescription bottles with medical marijuana.

Currently, Bronson is promoting his mixtape, Blue Chips 2 and later in the year plans to tour with fellow rapper, Eminem. When Bronson sat down at RapFixLive on Jan. 15, he believed he might turn his antics up a notch while on tour with Eminem.

“I always do what I do,” Bronson said. “He’s done ridiculous things so I don’t think they’re gonna have any issue with my antics.”

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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