Al Jazeera journalists charged by Egyptian authorities

By Michelle Kapusta,

Egyptian authorities have served Al Jazeera with a charge sheet claiming that its journalists conspired with a terrorist group.

CNN has reported that 20 journalists in all, eight working for Al Jazeera, are wanted by the authorities on charges of conspiring with the group, as well as "broadcasting false information and rumors to convince the international community that Egypt was undergoing a civil war," according to the Egyptian state-run media.

Al Jazeera America noted that the network has decided to fight back and publicly speak out against what the authorities have alleged.

“The allegations and actions of the Egyptian authorities are extraordinary, unjust, and unacceptable,” Al Jazeera English managing director Al Anstey said in a release. “The charges should be dropped, and all of our journalists who are in prison in Cairo should be freed immediately.”

Members of the media have been holding demonstrations and protests where they hold up signs and bound their mouths shut, symbolizing silence, and calling for the release of a detained Al Jazeera journalist and his colleagues.

Most of the journalists named in the charge have not yet been found by the authorities.



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