Amazon folds UK service LoveFilm streaming into Amazon Prime

By Daniel S Levine,

Amazon has a fierce rivalry with Netflix in the U.K., unlike in the U.S., since the online retail giant owns the streaming service LoveFilm there. However, in an attempt to make LoveFilm more appealing to consumers, Amazon has merged the service into Amazon Prime.

Amazon’s new U.K. Amazon Prime will include the streaming service, Prime Instant Video, along with overnight delivery and access to the Kindle Lending Library. At first, the service will cost £49 for the first year until Feb. 26. At that point, the price goes up to £79 per year. Deadline notes that this is actually cheaper than paying for LoveFilm and Amazon Prime services separately.

According to BroadcastNow, the LoveFilm brand name will now exist exclusively for a DVD rental service.

Prime Instant Video in the U.K. includes several exclusive TV programs, including Vikings, which airs on the History Channel in the US; and Copper, which is on BBC America. Amazon Studio’s Alpha House with John Goodman and Betas are also available in the U.K.

Prime Instant Video is also available in Germany, where Netflix is still unavailable. The company is hoping to reach France, Germany and more European markets by the end of 2014.

image courtesy of Amazon.com



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