Ancient Aztec dog burial site found

By Holly R. Bogardus ,

Archaeologists announced Friday that they have discovered an ancient dog burial site in Mexico City.

The site was found under an apartment building in the Mexico City borough of Aztacapozalco, and contains the remains of 12 dogs, reports ABC News.

The dogs were buried between 1350 and 1520 A.D. The team of archaeologists determined when the dogs were buried through dating ceramics and other items found nearby.

An anthropology professor with Arizona State University, Michael E. Smith (who was not involved in the find), said the discovery is important because it is the first such find, says PHYS.

"This is not the first time a burial of a dog has been found, but it is the first find where many dogs were carefully buried together, in a setting that is like a cemetery," Smith said.

Aztecs believed dogs could protect human souls after death and guide them onward. They were often buried with humans, and under buildings, as a form of protection.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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