Anonymous woman leaves $15K tip for waitresses

By Morgan Cox,

Three Illinois waitresses are in complete shock after a woman handed them each a check for $5,000.

Amy Sabani, waitress at Boone County Family Restaurant, explained that she first thought it was a $500 check but when she realized it was actually $5,000 she would not take it from the woman.

Yahoo! News noted that the woman insisted that the young waitress take the money.

"I want you girls to take these to help with school and everything else in life. Yes, you can take it. You put that in your pocket. God sent me here to help you," the anonymous donor said.

"I wasn’t even waiting on her, I was just rolling silverware, and we were talking about school and braces and loans and everything we can’t afford," waitress Sarah Seckinger said.

All three of the waitresses are in utter disbelief and plan to put the money towards their education and bills that they simply could not afford.

"I hope that one day I have the amount to do the same thing to somebody else," Amy Sabani told WIFR.

This is one extremely generous act that is surely not to be forgotten.



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