Arizona inmate escapes to be with girlfriend on Valentine's Day

By Francisco Flores,
Joseph Andre Dekenipp was found at a bar 11 miles from the jail

Arizona inmate Joseph Andrew Dekenipp found a way out of jail to see his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. In only three hours, he escaped, met with his girlfriend, and was caught again by authorities.

According to AZ Family, Dekenipp escaped Friday night. He was found in Coolidge, Ariz., which is about 11 miles from the jail facility he was serving time at. He apparently climbed over two fences and a razor wire to get out.

After he escaped, witnesses say that their friend gave him a ride to a bar in the city where he met with his girlfriend. Authorities say he was not wearing his uniform when they found him.

According to CNN, officers used K-9s to track Dekenipp after they identified that he was missing. When he did not show up to his cell after all the other inmates were ushered back, they knew something was not right.

He was charged last month with a suspected car theft and driving without a license. Apart from his previous charges, he is now facing an escape charge.

image courtesy of Pinal County Sheriff



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