'Arrow' recap: 'Heir to the Demon'

By Rachel Rivera,

The episode begins innocently enough - a woman is trying to make her way into Starling City until her passport kicks off an “A.R.G.U.S. Security Alert” alarm. Though the officers try to take her down, she quickly proves more than capable of handling herself as she manages to subdue each one of them before calmly walking through customs and into an unassuming Starling.

Meanwhile, Moira’s campaign seems to be kicking off. While the Queen family discusses particulars, Felicity pulls Walter aside to discuss Tempest, the account he originally had Felicity look into last season. She shares that she’d set up an alert to notify her if any transactions were made and that there was - to a Dr. Gill. Walter says he’ll talk to Moira about it but Felicity knows he’s lying to her.

However, Oliver gets a call from Detective Lance that cuts the scene short - Laurel’s in the hospital. Though Laurel maintains that she didn’t overdose last night, the doctors are insistent on still checking her out. Oliver comes a little closer under the guise of a hug and we see her eyes glow with something. As he leaves, Laurel pulls her father aside and admits that she saw Sara, a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

Oliver heads straight for the basement of Verdant - which Sara has beat him to. This time, it’s she who is training viciously as Felicity and Diggle watch. Oliver pleads for her to stay, knowing she’s on her way out. When she disagrees, he admits that her “entire family needs you - and so do I.” Though she’s hesitant, their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Det. Lance. They meet up at a little cafe in a quiet area of town but Sara gets mad when he tries to get her to stay as well. Just as she makes her hasty exit, a drape falls and down tumbles the woman from the airport. But, instead of threatening Sara, she removes her mask and they share a kiss with Oliver watching in the shadows.

The woman is revealed to be Nyssa al Gul, the daughter of notorious leader of the League of Assassins, Ra’s al Gul. When confronted by Oliver, she admits that she’s come to Starling for Sara. When Sara asks for a minute, Oliver says that she doesn’t need to explain but she can’t leave with her because he doesn’t trust her. Sara shrugs off his concern, asking him to trust herself instead.

In a series of flashbacks not set on the island, we see the Lance family before the Gambit went down. Laurel’s just applied to law school and Sara’s back from college, visiting for the three-day weekend. As she slips away from her family, we see a text from Oliver, asking her if she’s in town yet.

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